Selling Tips

Below are a few tips to speed the sale of your home

Homeowners may be able to speed up the process and increase the sale price when selling a home by making a few small improvements.

  • Curb Appeal - first impressions count!
    - Paint exterior doors and trim
    - Power wash and/or stain decks and stairs
    - New or improved landscaping
    - Remove outside clutter - hoses, bikes, etc
  • Clean Windows - You want your home to look as light and bright as possible. Grimy, dirty, spotted windows and screens effect the overall appearance of a home.
  • Deep Clean - A good, hard Spring cleaning will have your home looking it's best. Baseboards, ceiling fans, refrigerator, etc. Make your home outshine the competition!
  • Remove Odors - Pet smells, must and mildew, and cooking odors may be a turnoff. Air it out!
  • Organize - Remove excess personal belongings and any clutter in living spaces and closets to give a more spacious appearance.
  • Floors, Floors, Floors - Clean or replace carpets. Shine hardwoods. Replace broken tile or linoleum. Money and effort well spent!
  • Walls, Of Course - Brighten your walls with fresh paint. Wash them if they've recently been painted. Neutral colors are best. Again, light and bright!

All of these tips are relatively low cost improvements which will help you sell your home faster and for a higher sales price. Take an active role in the process. Prepare your property for sale.