Get Your Property Rented More!

Tips for rental property owners at the Jersey Shore

When preparing a rental property and establishing your rental rates, you may want to consider the following. The rental market at the Jersey Shore has become extremely competitive. Families are looking for CLEAN, WELL EQUIPPED UNITS WITH AS MANY AMENITIES AS POSSIBLE. As a Landlord, you must meet or exceed the Tenants' (your customer) demands. Any improvement - in condition or amenity - will increase the rental value of your property.

TELEVISION - You may be surprised by how much time a family will use the television/dvd/vcr when on vacation at the Jersey Shore. It is an important amenity.

We recommend you:
* Supply at least the 2nd tier programming service. Include HBO or other movie channels.
* Supply more than one television. One in each bedroom plus the living area.
* Supply at least one dvd/vcr combination. One with each television.

TRASH CANS - General rule of thumb is two trash cans plus two recycling cans AND one additional trash can for each bedroom.

AVAILABILITY - Please notify EACH of your rental Agencies of any owner rentals or change in availability immediately and throughout the rental season. Owners that rent weeks without notifying ALL Agents create problems for the Agents and for Tenants. Repeated instances of this tend to create an aversion to that property.

SPRING PREP - It is absolutely imperative to prepare your property for the rental season in the Spring. Anything neglected will become a problem in the middle of the season when it is a more expensive and pressured remedy.
* Spring cleaning - good, thorough cleaning of walls, floors, baseboards, furnishings, cupboards, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, etc.
* HVAC - have your air conditioning serviced. Replace the filter(s). (Purchase a service contract, it's worth the cost)
* Carpet cleaning - a rental property should have this done each year
* Painting - freshen it up
* Kitchen supplies - Inevitably, each Summer you will lose glasses, utensils, etc. Inventory and re-stock these items.
* Cleaning supplies - Always keep a good supply of your cleaning supplies. Never expect a Tenant to clean if you haven't left them the tools.
* Spare.........light bulbs, batteries for the remote controls, vacuum belt and bags, supplies, etc
* Rental schedule - check with your REALTOR(s) to be sure all records are accurate

FALL PREP - Don't forget, most prospective Tenants preview houses during the off season. You want to have your rental property looking good for these customers.
* Fall cleaning - another good, thorough post-season cleaning.
* Carpet cleaning - be objective when you inspect your floors
* Painting - will a touch-up do?
* Winterize - turn off outside showers & hose bibs; November 1st?
* Rental schedule - time to get the property on the market again!